Friday, August 26, 2011

Whatever It Takes

 We started a new series at axis Wednesday called Whatever It Takes.  We are teaching about our 4 core values (Know God, Serve Others, Surround Yourself w/ Followers of Jesus, Impact Those Who Don't Know Jesus) and asking the question "Are we willing to do whatever it takes to do those 4 things?"  It was a great start to our series and I'm thinking of taking it a step farther and making it our theme for the rest of the year.    

I started out by showing a video from a Date Line NBC video on Aron Ralston.  This happened a few years ago but his story is incredibly powerful and inspiring and speaks to the idea of being willing to do whatever it takes.  You can watch the Date Line special on You Tube right here.  Or, you can watch the movie 127 Hours or read his book Between a Rock and a Hard Place.

On this night we looked at Exodus 33:11 - 17.  These verses are incredibly powerful and talk about the type of relationship Moses had with God and that he was willing to do whatever it takes to spend time with God, learn from God, and be known as God's.  I spent some time fleshing that out to our kids and it basically came down to the idea that God doesn't make it complicated for us to know Him.  It comes down to the basics ... read your Bible and pray.  The Bible is God's way to talk to us and prayer is our way to talk to God.  If we're willing to do whatever it takes to know God more we have to read our Bible and pray.

I talked with our students about the different opportunities that we offer as a youth ministry to help them know God better.  I feel like we offer good and simple opportunities to our teenagers and if they are willing to take advantage of them, it will really help them in their walk with God.

It was a good night and a good kickoff to our series.  Lots of fun games, some good testimonies from students, and some good opportunities placed in the hands of our kids to help them know God better.

Next Week:  Do Whatever It Takes to Serve Others

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