Monday, August 29, 2011

What Learning How to Swim is Teaching Me

Over the past month I made the decision to learn how to swim.  You can read about that decision here.  It's such an amazing experience for me and what I'm finding out is I'm learning more than simply how to swim.  As I learn to swim I'm actually learning a lot about myself.  Here are 3 of those things:

1. I jumped off the diving board for the first time ever last week.  Well, I didn't really jump.  It was more just stepping off.  As I went to do it a second time, my instructor told me that very thing.  She said, "You're just stepping off the diving board.  Try actually jumping this time."  And, I remember looking at her and saying "You pretty much just summed up my personality in those two sentences."  I definitely move slowly in to things.  I don't think I over analyze, but I definitely "proceed with caution" more than just diving in to something.  It's been a strength and a weakness at various times in my life.  While I never just want to throw caution to the wind, I realize that I really need to work on being more bold and moving more quickly with decisions and dreams/goals I set for myself, my family, and our youth ministry.

2. So much of what holds me back in the water is in my head.  I have jumped in several times, always come back up, tread water, swim, etc., yet there is still a strong sense of anxiety that I feel any time I do those things.  39 years of fear doesn't go away over night.  I'm learning that I need to continually speak truth to myself and not just speak the truth, but believe it.  That simple concept will not only help me with swimming but will help me in life too.  I truly desire to allow God's truth to soak in to my very soul.

3. None of this has come natural for me.  I've really had to be intentional about making the decision to learn how to swim, intentional about taking the lessons, and intentional about practicing.  Most things in life don't just happen.  I've been reminded that hard work is a good thing.  Setting goals and then having a plan to meet them is a good thing.  If I want to get to a certain point in my life, I need to intentionally set myself on a path that will take me there.

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  1. Just love this about you, are such a strong and encouraging leader, it just hasn't settled in over you yet! If you ever need reminding, you just get in touch with ME!! Prayers, love and hugs...


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