Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What's In A Name

My wife's birthday was on Sunday and some friends of our got her this necklace for her birthday from a place called Etsy.  On the necklace are the names of our kids and I thought it was a great gift.  They actually put the necklace on the Etsy website, so guess I'm not the only one who likes it.

I love our kids' names and Carol and I really try to put lots of prayer behind choosing the names for our kids.  Here's why we chose the names we did:

Ezra - His name means "helper."  Our prayer for him is that he would be just that ... a helper to others.  Something really cool is we chose that name months before he was to be born.  When Carol was 9 months pregnant I was diagnosed with cancer.  In the midst of a really difficult, heart wrenching time something that brought joy to both of us was knowing we were going to meet our first born in just a few short weeks.  I wanted him to be a helper to others, but never imagined how much help he would be to me in one of the most difficult times of my life.  God answered that prayer even before Ezra was born.

Mercy - After going through 7 months of chemotherapy, doctors told me that most likely I would be infertile and we wouldn't be able to have any more kids.  But, even 7 months of chemotherapy couldn't keep the Yauger genes down.  :)  We found out we were pregnant and really just felt like God lavished his mercy on our lives by allowing us to get pregnant again.  It was also a time when Carol and I were both being faced with so many injustices in our world.  We had made a connection with Feed My Starving Children and learned how to help world hunger in one small way.  I went on a mission trip to inner-city San Francisco to an area called The Tenderloin and spent a week helping homeless people.  It's also the same year that, as a church, our hearts were broken for orphans.  We started an orphanage called Asia's Hope and also saw teenagers (yes, teenagers) at the Momentum Conference raise over $90,000 in one night to give toward Asia's Hope.  We saw God's mercy in so many ways that year and honestly knew that had to be our daughter's name.  Mercy can be translated as "kindness, goodness, grace, favor, and compassion." and we pray that our daughter will always be a picture of God's mercy to everyone she meets.

Torah - The "torah" is the Hebrew word for the first 5 books of the Old Testament.  In those books is the story of where God first reveals Himself to mankind.  He revealed Himself and shared His story with man so that we could realize that He longs to have a relationship with us.  I believe God is all about relationship and longs for us to know Him.  The idea behind the word "torah" is to inform, instruct, direct, and guide.  Our prayer for our beautiful daughter is that her life will always reveal God to others and that she can inform, instruct, direct, and guide people to a relationship with Him. 

If God chooses to bless us with more children, I really look forward to praying over the names that we'll choose for them and to continue to pray for them for the rest of my life.

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  1. Rich-
    Awesome blog post! I love Etsy! There are so many neat things on there. What a great idea!
    -Lauren Gonzalez


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