Monday, July 11, 2011

To Be Told ...

Had the chance to share at Grace Community yesterday from John 9:1 - 38.  I believe that God is active in our lives and that the story of how He is active in our lives may be exactly what someone needs to hear.  John 9 is one of my favorite stories in the entire Bible and I love the fact that when this guy was being hounded by questions ... questions he didn't have the answers to ... he didn't freeze up.  He simply shared his story.  "I was blind, but now I see."  And, that, I'm sure, is the story he shared the most for the rest of his life ... I was blind, but this is what Jesus did for me ... I can see. 

I also 3 people to share their stories with us.  We had 3 people from various walks of life and various backgrounds all share how Jesus has made a difference in their lives.  It was powerful!

Your story may be exactly what someone needs to hear today.  Take time to reflect on the difference God has made in your life and don't be ashamed to share it.  Our personal story is woven in to God's greater story and it may be what God uses to bring somebody to faith in Him. 

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  1. It was a great message, Rich. I was especially helped by Andy Jewett. That is very similar to the testimony that I would have (minus the infertility) and have always been somewhat embarassed by it. Thanks for helping those of us with "dull testimonies" to feel confident in what we have to share.

    --Rick Yoder


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