Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Back from Momentum

Got back Sunday afternoon from a week long youth conference called Momentum.  It's the annual youth conference we attend as a youth ministry and is associated with our fellowship of churches.  Did a little math and this was year 23 for me.  That officially makes me old. 

A couple of take-a-ways for me:

- There's nothing like spending a week with teenagers to help you get to know them more and really dig deeper in to their lives.  I really tried to be intentional about that and encouraged our adults to be intentional about it as well.  Don't be afraid to dig a little deeper and ask the harder questions ... questions that will help you get beyond a "surfacy" conversations and help you see what God is really doing in a teenager's life.  I loved the conversations I had with kids and there's just something about being away that helps kids feel a bit more comfortable sharing.  Love that!

- Our worship times were incredible!  Man, getting nearly 2000 people together focusing on God and singing all out to him ... it was a cool picture of heaven to me.  Below is a pic of our band, which was able to lead worship a couple of days at the conference. 

- One of the things I love about Momentum is that it's not just a conference where we sit and listen but we sit, listen, and then go out and do.  The speakers were great!  Jeremy Byng and Aaron Keyes were incredible worship leaders.  But, what I loved seeing our kids go out and serve.  We volunteered at a nursing home, worked at a community center and also help bust up a house that will be turned in to a youth center.  Below are three pics ... one of one of our kids helping demolish the inside of the house, the other of our kids praying over the house when we were finished working,  and finally one of us helping fill 300 back packs with school supplies for school kids from hurting families.

- I just love our teenagers.  We had so much fun on our trip!  As a group we decided to have a "mustache" day an "ugly hat" day and also an "80's" day.  It really helped bond our group and just allowed us to have fun together.

I've gone to Momentum for 23 years because I believe in what happens there.  I've been impacted not only as a student there, but also as a leader.  And, I love seeing this conference have an impact on my students as well! 

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