Monday, June 20, 2011

Nicaragua Update # 6 ... My Own Dad Fest

Today was our last full day in Nicaragua and I believe our kids gave their best today.  We started out our day by going back to a church that meets near the orphanage.  There were both orphanage and community kids at the church ... probably close to 80 children.  We helped with the Sunday School and it was so much fun!  We sang, we played games, we joined in on small group times.  It was just a blast.  For me personally I was moved to tears trying to sing along with the kids music that was in Spanish.  It was just an incredible reminder that there is so much more out there than American Christianity.  It was such a worshipful experience even though I didn't understand a word of it.

After a nearly 2 hour ... yes, I said 2 hour Sunday School, we played games with the kids.  I played catch with some Nicaraguan kids and over an hour and loved it!  Catch is one of my favorite things to do.  I've always enjoyed it and love doing it with my own kids as well.  After a quick lunch we made our way to an outdoor sports complex where we met kids from the orphanage for an afternoon of playing in the park.  We played volleyball, soccer, basketball, and played on swing sets.  It was a hot afternoon and that, combined with playing with kids on a very hot morning meant we were all pretty tired after about an hour.  We passed out some drinks and snacks and then said our goodbyes to the orphans.  Very hard to do.

Morgan giving one of the girls a HUGE hug good-bye.

Becca playing with sidewalk chalk with one of the girls before Sunday School.

Playing some basketball at the park.

Cody saying goodbye to an orphan boy named Michael.

This is Juan Carlos.  He's 18 years old and, if I'm not mistaken, has been at the orphanage for 10 years.  He has had a wonderful place to stay, received Jesus as His Lord and Savior, received a great education, learned English, and is currently learning the trade of being a tour guide.  Notice which one is used to the hot weather and which one is not.  :)

Today is Father's Day and I'm missing my family terribly.  I've been away from them for 11 days now and am pretty much going crazy.  I'm in love with my wife and kids and simply cannot imagine life without them, so missing Father's Day is tough.  Our church also had our annual Dad Fest and I was not able to be a part of that and really missed it.  But, I went in to this day telling myself that I can try to be a dad to the orphan kids that we were going to spend time with today.  It really gave a fresh meaning to Father's Day for me and if I couldn't be with my own family today, I'm so thankful that I had the opportunity to be here in Nicaragua with kids from the orphanage.

Thank you for your continued prayers.  We leave tomorrow afternoon and it's going to be a long day of traveling.  Pray that we continue to be on mission all day tomorrow.  Pray for good travel.  And, please pray that our kids will not forget what they have seen and learned on this trip and that it will continue to shape them and make them more like Jesus.  Thanks!

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