Saturday, June 18, 2011

Nicaragua Update # 5 ... The Dump and The Orphans

Another great day on our mission trip in Nicaragua.  We actually were able to take the morning off (which was well needed, especially with some of the health issues going on right now ... 3 of us are having some stomach problems).  Anyway, we spent a low key morning at the market doing some shopping.  It was a fun way to spend a couple of hours and our kids were learning how to barter with the best of them!  I don't think any of them paid full price for anything.  :)

After that, we headed to La Chureca.  La Chureca is literally a garbage dump where people call home.  We drove in, were overwhelmed with the smell, and saw many people rummaging through the garbage to find items to sell or things to possibly eat.  We were there to meet with Maria who runs a church and a school in the dump.  We spent an hour there with kids, were able to feed them and spend time playing with them.

After that we headed back to the orphanage to spend the afternoon in English class with the kids.  We broke up in to groups and just talked through some different assignments they had.  I personally spent time with two of the teenagers (Michael and Joseling) and was just amazed at how they wanted to soak up everything I said.  They had such a desire to learn English!

We spent an hour in class and then had "recess" which consisted of soccer and basektball ... on the same court at the same time.  Made things interesting.  But, what made things more interesting was when a HUGE rainstorm hit.  It rained so hard for about 40 minutes and nobody stopped playing.  The court was flooded with water and it just made things more fun.   The smiles on our kids' faces and on the orphans faces was priceless.  Watching everyone run and play and throw water on each other and just ... well ... bond was just great.

Some homes we saw at the dump. 

Laramie holding a 5 month old baby girl who lives in the dump.  She was such a cutie!

The kids from the dump were so loving and just wanted to be held.  Our guys and girls nearly spent the entire time just holding kids.  They simply did not want to be put down.

In English class at the orphanage.  This was such a fun experience ... just sitting across from the kids and helping them learn English.

Hannah in the middle of the incredible rain storm that hit in the afternoon.  Our kids were soaked!

We have one more fully day left.  Tomorrow we will spend the entire day at the orphanage and every one of our kids is really excited to go back.  Please pray for us as we help lead a Sunday School and as we help with some sports programs in the afternoon.  Also, please pray for some of the health issues on the team.  Nothing serious, but a few of us have been hit with ... well ... diarrhea and nausea.  Pray that we'll all be feeling better by tomorrow and that no one else gets sick.  Also pray that we'll really try to make the most of our last day here.  Our kids are learning so much and being challenged in so many ways and I have just been so impressed with them.  I shared with them this morning that I had expectations of what I wanted to see them do and they have far exceeded any of my expectations.  You would be so proud of them!

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