Friday, June 17, 2011

Nicaragua Update # 3 ... Bumps, Bruises, and a Kick in the Groin. But So Worth It!

Today was just awesome!  Thanks so much to those of you who spent time praying for our team.  Your prayers made an impact.  Today was, by far, our best day of ministry ... and the most exhausting.  After an entire day spent with kids, our team incured several scrapes, a few cuts, some bruises, and I received a shot to the groin that hurt so bad all I could do was just sit there and laugh.  Thankfully, that was not caught on tape!  I believe my voice is an octive higher now too. 

Anyway, we spent our day on a mountain called Pochocuape.  It's a mountain full of tin shacks that peope here call home.  We walked the mountain and invited kids to the school early to play some games with us.  We had so much fun playing with chalk, playing tag, playing soccer, and just loving on kids.  Our teenagers did absolutely amazing, and, I'll say it again ... I am so proud of them. 

After a morning spent playing games, we went to one of the local homes and the family made lunch for us.  Any meal in this area is not small ordeal.  It's all cooked over an open fire so getting everything ready is a challenge and takes quite a while, but it's every day life for the people here.  I was amazed at the hospitality in this small, incredibly humble home.  And, the meal of rice, plantains, and vegetables was amazing!

After lunch we got a meal ready for the kids at the school, took the meal to the school, and played more games with the kids.  We also fed them, what probably was their best meal of the day.  It was hot!  We were soaked with sweat.  Many of us received a few minor scrapes and bruises.  And, we were pretty tired at the end of the day ... but what a day it was!  I felt like our kids really gave their best today and our debrief time afterwards was incredibly powerful as our kids were faced with poverty on levels their had never seen and as their hearts just broke for these children.  Again, your prayers were answered!

The team at the end of our day.  What you can't really see in this picture is how dirty were really were ... and you definitely do not have an appreciation for the smell.

Leah with one of the girls at the school.

Hannah with a few boys from the school.  I think they had a crush on her.

Several of our kids getting food ready at a home.

This is outside the home where we had lunch. 

Your continued prayers would be appreciated as we spend an entire day at an orphanage tomorrow. 

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  1. Praying for you guys,especially Hannah!

    jim Brown


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