Thursday, June 16, 2011

Nicaragua Update # 2 ... A Great Day and Another Challenge

Today was our first full day in Nicaragua and what a day it was.  After breakfast we started our day looking at 1 John 4 and what it means to love one another.  Then, with much anticipation we headed out to do our first day of ministry.  We went to a feeding program.  So, the chicken and vegetables we bought at the market yesterday were cut up and mixed with some Feed My Starving Children "Manna Packs" and we were able to feed kids what was probably their only good meal of the day.  We also spent time playing with the 50 or so kids that were there and sang some songs for them. 

Some of our kids cutting up chicken to be boiled up and mixed with rice and vegetables.

Katy was an excellent stirrer.

The first two kids that arrived.  They loved getting their picture taken.

Each kid would bring their own bowl and spoon.  We would then take their bowl and fill it up for them and take it to them where they were sitting.  Each of us felt so honored to be able to help out and it felt good knowing we were giving kids a good meal and, more importantly, trying to be Jesus to them.

We took about 10 minutes to sing some songs to the kids that were their.  They had so much fun and loved laughing at us when we tried to do some dance moves.  It was such a fun experience and our kids did amazing!

After about 2 1/2 hours with that group of kids, we headed out to grab some lunch before we were off to our next feeding program.  We needed to stop at the market and get some more chicken, so we decided to eat lunch at the market (at a fast food chicken place similiar to KFC) and then we were going to be on our way.  But, one thing I've learned on this trip is that the enemy is throwing challenge after challenge at us and really trying to disrupt our mission.  Anyway, while waiting for lunch, my sister-in-law (who is the contact person for our mission trip in Nicaragua) was sitting at the outdoor table with the rest of us when she felt something "brush" her leg.  She didn't think anything of it until about a minute later when she looked down and noticed her bag was missing.  That "brush" was someone swiping her bag from her that literally had EVERYTHING in it ...  her passport, her phone, her driver's lisence, and money that was going to be used to pay some of the teachers at the "dump" we were going to visit next.  There were several teachers and they were getting paid a six month salary, so there was a couple thousand dollars in her bag ... gone.  So, needless to say, that threw the rest of the afternoon off schedule.  We had to contact the police, fill out a report, the police actually had 3 suspects in custody but nothing turned up.  It was about a 3 hour ordeal for us.  I felt so awful for my sister-in-law!  Our team spent time praying over the situation. 

I remember talking to our team yesterday evening and just sharing with them how important it is to pray about what we are doing.  I just felt in my heart that we really needed to pray and pray hard for our trip and I shared that with our kids. I still feel that way.  The enemy is doing much to try to distract us.  Some bad stuff has happened, but honestly our kids are still focused and more focused now that I've seen them the entire trip.  Their attitudes, again, have been amazing and I am just so proud of them for being so flexible, understanding, and still on mission.  A few of them even mentioned in our debrief time tonight how they knew that they were told that they really needed to be praying, but some of them just weren't taking that incredibly seriously.  Well, they are now and I feel like everything that has happened has really caused our kids to become more focused and more intent on praying, serving, and helping.  Maybe that's what our team needed.

If you think of it, I'd really appreciate your prayer covering as well.  Ask for spiritual protection.  Ask for wisdom.  Ask for continued good attitudes (our kids still have not received their bags).  Pray that God will use us to do incredible things for Him.  Thanks!

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