Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Nicaragua Update # 1 ... There's Always a Challenge

We arrived safely in Nicaragua at just before noon Nicaragua time today ... finally!  We are having a great time so far, but have already been faced with several challenges for our team.  Before we left I met with our team a couple of times.  One of the things we talked through was the importance of being flexible AND our "no complaining" rule.  We take what comes at us and we stay positive throughout.  Well, our kids are doing AMAZING with those two things right now. 

Our initial flight from Chicago was delayed because of mechancial problems.  We were on the plan for an hour.  The took us off.  We were in the airport for over another two hours waiting in line and trying to find out how we were going to get to Nicaragua.  By the time our flight took off, we had already missed our connecting flight in Atlanta and there were no other flights to Nicaragua that day.  So, we got to Atlanta and after another nearly 2 hours waiting in line, we received hotel and food vouchers.  Through it all, our kids' attitudes were stellar!  I was so proud of them. 

We boarded our flight to Nicaragua this morning at 10am.  The flight was great.  Everything was fine ... until we got to baggage claim.  Six of our kids did not receive their bags.  Keep in mind we've all been in the same clothes nearly two days now.  All of us were ready for some deoderant and some fresh clothes, so when we found out that 6 members of our team didn't receive their bags, it was a blow.  But, again, through it all, they stayed positive and upbeat and made the most of every situation.  I am so proud of them! 

I remember talking to our kids about the fact that when we step our and serve and share the love of Jesus with people, generally something will happen that will challenge our attitudes and the enemy will often throw stuff at us to try to distract us and get us focused on other things.  I definitely feel like that's been happening but, we are here.  The bags are supposed to be here by 1:30pm tomorrow.  And, we are all ready to start serving.  Again, I could not be prouder of how our kids are handling the things thrown at them and tackling everything with prayer.

Our team before we left for the airport.

"Cross-eyed" pictures are the "in" thing with this group. So funny.

We spent some time at the market today buying food for kids that we'll be serving the next few days.  The meat part of the market is definintely an experience!

This evening we had some fun doing "cheer" stuff.  We have a few cheerleaders on the team and they wanted to teach everyone how to do some stands and jumps.  Fun, fun!  If you're a cheerleader you'll understand a term I learned this evening ... "Pinch a penny in your butt!"

We sorted all of the food we bought and got it ready for the kids.  Some of our team had a little too much fun with the food.

Your continued prayers would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

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  1. Prayers, love and hugs, dear ones! Such bright lights for Jesus...shine on!!!


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