Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Family Catch-up Post

It's certainly been awhile since the last post.  The schedule has been very full lately and I just haven't made the time to update the blog.  But, here is the update and it will revolve mostly around family ...

We had AMAZING Mother's Day services at Grace Community.  It was really fun for me to watch our son be a part of the Mother's Day music.  In case you're wondering ... he is the one in the middle getting a little more in to it than everyone else.  He really like the "drum" part of the song.  Also, you'll notice he's wearing a tie.  My wife really wanted him to wear it for Mother's Day so she pulled out all the stops to bribe him to do it ... a lollipop AND a Spider Man cartoon after church. 

To celebrate our son's 4th birthday, we decided to go camping.  While we still buy gifts for our kids' birthdays, we are trying to focus on doing more experiential things.  So, we went camping for our son's birthday.  Yep, me, my wife, our 4 year old, 2 year old, and 6 month old.  It was so much fun!  But, bedtime did prove to be a challenge.  Here is Mercy peaking out of the tent when she was supposed to be going to sleep. 

Torah continues to grow and grow and is just the most beautiful baby!  I describe her smile to others as peaceful and warming.  Seriously, when she smiles at you the world just become a better place.

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