Monday, April 4, 2011

What's That Smell?

On Sunday we opened a new series at Grace Community called Give. What happened this week was just incredibly powerful. Pastor Jim spoke on simply helping those less fortunate. (You can read his perspective here). He talked about several things going on in our world that are terrible tragedies and how so often we're willing to simply let someone else do something about it. But, as the Church, we are called to do something ... not to just sit back and hope something happens, but to make something happen. The challenge was simple. People around our world need shoes ... especially those in Japan right now after the tsunami. We are partnering with an organization called Soles 4 Souls and were planning to do a shoe donation on April 13th. But, we decided that something needed to be done now, also. So, Pastor Jim asked people to be willing to give their shoes ... now ... today ... not to go home and get the ones that we're more than happy to part with, but to give the ones that probably have some value to us. To sacrifice. And, people did. The young, the old, the married and the single. People came forward and gave away the shoes they were wearing. Parents took their kids shoes off and gave them away. People went home and brought more shoes in. And, we prayed over each pair ... that these shoes would help people understand that Jesus loves them. It was incredibly powerful and moving. The conversations that I've had with people yesterday and today have all centered on how freeing it is to give. Giving is powerful. It changes us. When we sacrifice something in an effort to help another, well, the whole "Law and the Prophets" pretty much hang on that as Jesus said in Matthew 22:36 - 40. Love God with all your heart and don't simply love your neighbor but love them as yourself.

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