Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday Miscellaneous

- I've been having so much fun lately watching the original 1967 Spider Man cartoon with my son Ezra.  We allow him to have about 30 to 60 minutes of TV time a day.  He has really been in to Spider Man lately and so I decided to try to find the cartoon I grew up watching (side note:  the cartoon was old when I was a kid, so I didn't grow up in the 60's ... haha).  Anyway, I found some episodes right here and we've been watching them for the past two weeks nearly every day.  A flood of memories have been coming back to me and I actually remember watching some of the episodes.  It's been so much fun.  Lately he's been waking up in the morning singing the Spider Man theme song.  Fun, fun!

- Last week was a really good week for me.  It was great to spend time serving side-by-side with our teenagers on 3 different days.  I loved watching them catch a passion for serving and really being able to see the difference that it makes.  This was all planned as part of our FaceLess series.  I think it's been one of the best ways that we've ever put action to one of our series at axis.  We'll wrap everything up this Wednesday with a shoe drive for Soles 4 Souls.  Can't wait to celebrate everything our kids have done to make a difference over the past month.

- Yesterday was such a beautiful day here.  It was in the 80's and it was so refreshing to be outside with the sun on my face.  I was able to do some yard work after church and we also met with our small group outside.  We grilled and then hung out on our deck for a couple of hours.  So nice!

- I'll be starting a two week series leading up to Easter at axis this Wednesday.  I'm going to branch out and try something that I've never really done before in my style of teaching.  Anyway, I'll be teaching in the form of a story for the next two weeks ... all leading up to the climax of Easter and how God rescued His children.  It's a risk.  It may flop.  It may be great!  Won't know unless I try though, so I'm excited to give it a shot.

- I did my first 5 mile run of the year last Monday.  I'm registered for a half marathon on June 4th.  I gotta be honest ... I've been struggling with the training a bit.  Not sure what's going on other than I'm just not disciplining myself with my running.  I'm working out 4 times a week ... but those four days have been 2 days running and 2 days weight lifting.  So, I've basically been doing a short run and a long run for my half marathon training ... which isn't the best way to train.  My ideal training would be 4 days running and 2 days lifting but for whatever reason priortitizing those 2 extra days have been a little more difficult lately.  I've made the commitment that is going to change today.

- Pastor Jon shared at Grace Community yesterday and did a great job on the topic of giving.  The average Christian only give up to 2% of their income.  Honestly, that's pathetic.  How many more people could be reached and how many more lives could be changed if we, as followers of Jesus, were just willing to give more.  We had a really good discussion in our small group last night about it.  I'm the oldest of everyone in our small group.  Carol and I are really trying to invest in some younger married couples right now, so that definitely makes me the oldest.  But, what is cool is that those in our group are so much further along in the area of giving than I ever was at their age.  It did my heart good to see that and to see that they are all so generous.  Carol and I have been blessed by other more than we could ever say.  We have story after story after story of people being generous to us and we are just so grateful.  We always want to be a family that gives and doesn't hold tightly on to what has been given to us.  After all, it's not ours to begin with. It's all God's.  I think it was Dave Ramsey who said that if we hold tightly on to money, we'll never give and we'll never receive generously because our hands are closed.  But, if we hold loosely on to money, then we'll be able to give but we'll also be able to receive. 

- Had a pretty major storm last night.  Lost power for most of the night.  Had some serious thunder and lightning too ... which meant our son climbed in to bed with us for most of the night ... which also means that I didn't get much sleep.  Dragging a little today, but excited still planning a run for the afternoon and then heading out to 5 Star at the Goshen Middle School  It's going to be a great day.

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