Saturday, April 30, 2011

I Could Really Use $10

On June 13- 20 I'll be leading a group of teenagers on a mission trip to Nicaragua.  I'm trying to raise $900 to cover the expenses of the trip.  I'm trying to ease the financial "ask" as much as I can and figured that $10 ... while still a lot ... isn't too difficult to give.  So, I'm humbling asking for 90 people to be willing to give $10 in order to help with this trip.  I've never tried to raise money in this way before, but again, instead of asking for 9 people to give $100 thought I'd attempt to make it easier financially and attempt to get 90 people to give $10.00. 

If you feel led to help support me on this trip, I would be incredibly grateful! Any donations can be given through Grace Community Church (20076 County Road 36  Goshen, IN  46526) simply by filling out the form below. But, most importantly I would covet your prayers.   If you'd like to read about some of our experience our experiences in Nicaragua last year, you can do so by going here.

I have prayerfully considered donating $___________________ to Rich Yauger for his mission trip to Nicaragua.

Name: _____________________________________________

Due to IRS regulations, Grace Community Church cannot refund your gift if I cannot go unless the whole project is cancelled. All gifts will be used for ongoing short term ministry. Please make checks payable to Grace Community Church. NOTE: Please do not put my name on your check in the memo line or you will not be able to receive tax credit at the end of the year.


  1. Rich, you can count on us for $10. I'll send it to the church. Thanks for letting us help and we'll be praying too.

    Dave and Susan Griffith

  2. Thanks so much, guys! Really appreciate it. That's a huge help. Hope you're doing well.

  3. Check is in the mail for $100! Love you little brother!! I'm so proud of you!

    Debbie and Terry


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