Friday, April 1, 2011

Axis Update 3-30-11

We finished up our FaceLess series on Wednesday by taking time to talk about how we can come along side those with physical and mental disabilities. It was a really good night that was led by our student leaders. I always love seeing them take the lead on things and just make it happen. I always leave these nights feeling very proud of them. We had some really fun elements. We started with "Heart Song" ... a fun game where we put a mic up to someone's chest and then play a short part of a song simply to let everyone know what their "heart song" is. For instance, we'd go up to someone and say there heart song will let us know what they think of axis. And, then we played "Just Can't Get Enough" by Black Eyed Peas. We also had "Born This Way" and "Hey Baby" as heart songs. And, of course we had to throw in "Friday" by Rebecca Black just for fun. We also did some prize give-a-ways. We'll sometimes do some larger prizes to give away, but lately I've just been doing things like HUGE boxes of cereal and big bags of candy. It's amazing how excited a teenager will get over an industrial sized box of Lucky Charms. We began to focus our time on our topic. We started with the video below of Patrick Henry Hughes. An amazing story of inspiration. I love what he said when someone asked him how he would describe his disabilities. He said "Not disabilities, but more abilities." It's very inspiring.

After some Bible reading, prayer, and worship a dear lady in our church, Coni Walters, shared. Coni contracted polio when she was 4 years old from a vaccine. Her story is so inspiring and it's amazing to see all that she does in our church. She connected so well with our kids. One thing she said that I just loved was that "We can put all of the handicapped access ramps up in buildings and make bathrooms handicapped accessable, but if we're unwilling to come beside those with mental and physical handicaps and just befriend them and be Jesus to them, none of that makes a difference." She did an amazing job of sharing. We also had the opportunity to promote our ministry of Through the Roof ... something we do on Sunday mornings for kids with special needs. We give kids a "buddy" that walks with them throughout the morning. They go to class with them, partner with them, and just provide the extra attention that a child with special needs may need.

Next Week: Off because of spring break but taking a group of teenagers to Chicago to do some service work. We're also taking two groups of kids to a local homeless shelter to serve lunch. Should be a great week.

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