Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What I Learned From Our Men's Retreat

Here are a few random thoughts from our Wild at Heart men's weekend.

- It's fun being a guy
- Men are more complex than given credit for
- A man takes responsibility. Some guys wouldn't last a minute in the "octagon." Some guys wouldn't last a minute in a squirt gun fight. But they are real men because they love their families and take responsibility. Being a man is more than burping, wrestling, and being able to grow a beard.
- Speaking of wrestling ... watching MMA comes in handy when another guy tries to take you down.
- If men put the same effort in to loving Jesus, leading their families and leading in the church as they put in to competition, this world would be a totally different place.
- There's power in confession
- I'm not in awful shape ... but I'm not in great shape. Running around got me a little more winded than I was anticipating.
- Sometimes it's just nice to tackle someone just because you can
- Men have the very same emotions as women. We just express them differently.
- Shared activity opens men up and helps them connect
- Men are like a thermos and women are like a crystal chalice. Each need to be treated differently.
- You don't want to be on the bottom of a pile of 5 big middle aged men
- Even when carrying a $500 camera around your neck, a man will still try to take you down in the snow

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