Monday, February 21, 2011

Why I Love My Church

Last week was a very busy week but it reminded me so much of why I love being a part of Grace Community. It started on Sunday afternoon. After 3 services, I met with our student leadership team. We spent time just talking through student leadership stuff and then the rest of our time together was spent "tagging" over 3000 candy bars that we were going to pass out at intersections and local businesses for Valentine's Day. I loved seeing our kids do so much of the "behind he scenes" work to make this happen.

Then, on Monday (Valentine's Day) we had our Hershey Blitz. It's real simple ... we spent the morning at intersections giving out free Hershey Bars to people. The "tag" on the Hershey Bar simply said "On this day, remember nobody loves you more than Jesus." We also had our church info and service times on it. We just wanted to be out in the community letting people know that our church is "in the community and for the community." We spent the afternoon going to businesses throughout town, walking in, and just passing out the Hershey Bars to all the employees. Lots of fun and a cool way to do something kind.

Here is a video of some of our people passing out Hershey Bars.

During the week I was also able to meet with some of the leaders of the Momentum Youth Conference and help talk about how to get teenaagers at the Conference serving and reaching out to people in the area where the conference will be held this year. I was really thankful for the opportunity to be a small part of such a cool meeting.

On Friday night our church hosted a Totally Tropical Luau for people will disabilities in our community. Over 120 people came and were treated to an incredible beach party full of food and games. You can read more about it right here.

Then, on Sunday we had out Beach Bash. Our people were encouraged to wear shorts, flip flops, anything "beachy." We someone grilling brats and steaks at the front door and passing out samples. Beach music was playing in the foyer. The whole place was decked out with beach decorations, surf boards, and lots of other beach stuff. We had some fun games and competitions for people to participate in including a "who can hold their breath the longest in the baptistry" competition. So fun!

The whole reason behind the Beach Bash on a Sunday morning was to help break up the duldrums of winter. An Indiana winter can be long, cold, and seem to last forever ... especially come February. Many people suffer from Seasonal Affect Disorder and just get the "winter blues." We wanted to provide something different for people to be a part of and something that would hopefully uplift their spirits. The sermon was on beating the blues and the worship time at the end was just full of songs declaring how great and awesome our God is! I loved seeing our teenagers lead the way in the Link in worship coming up front and just dancing before God. So many comments on what a blessing the day was for people including this one I received over Facebook: "I was able to introduce myself to an older couple and ask if they had been to Grace before. Their son goes and they have been a few times. I for-warned them of the upcoming events of the service and he laughed. I met them after the sevice and you should have seen the smile on his face, and you could sense the energy coming from him. They loved it. Praise be to the Lord!!!!!!"
I love the passion of this church to reach the community and point them to Jesus and not be afraid to try something a little different in order to make it happen. I have to admit ... I was pretty tired by Sunday afternoon and crashed for a bit in front of the TV, but it was all worth it and I am so proud of our church and our people.

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