Friday, February 18, 2011

Fun at My Expense

We recently took our senior high youth ministry to Kalahari for a weekend retreat. Lots of fun and lots of great time learning and hanging out with our kids. One of the things that was done on the retreat is blowing up all the heads of youth pastors that were there and putting them on poles to be paraded around. It was pretty funny. We'll some of the volunteers at axis decided to take it one step further and they just emailed me some of the fun they had with my ... well ... head. Thanks Aaron and Galen for the laughs!

We have no idea who the girl in the elevator is, but I love the expression on her face!

Check out the picture below and you'll understand why a shower was important.

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  1. Too darn funny, Rich! You're a VERY good sport (not to mention brave!!!) Thanks for being such a blessing to Grace and all the Gracies--both young AND old!!!


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