Friday, February 25, 2011

Axis Wrap Up 2/23/11 - How Two

Had a really good night at axis Wednesday. This was a "stand alone" message between series. We wrapped up The Path series last week and we start our Faceless series next week ... more on that to come. So, on this night I simply spoke on How Two: Two Ways Two Grow Closer Two God.

Chuck Noll, famed coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers once said that the best teams simply do ordinary things better than anyone else. I feel that's the same in our relationship with God. Often we look for "magic" formulas or something amazing that we need to be doing, but to grow in a relationship with God, you simply can't do it unless you're spending time in prayer and spending time in the Bible. So, I simply talked about the fundamentals: prayer and Bible reading.

It was a really good night and we passed out a ton of resources on prayer and Bible study. I challenged our kids to take ownership of their faith and to realize that if they want to grow, it doesn't just happen. They need to put their time in. One does that by talking to God and reading about God.

Next Week: Faceless. Here's a brief video of what we'll be talking about.

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