Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday Miscellaneous

- We are in a series at Grace Community Church called I Am Legacy. Really good stuff so far. Yesterday focused on Proverbs 3:1 - 6, the main point being that a good name ... a good reputation ... is one of the best legacy's we could ever leave (See Proverbs 22:1) I was deeply challenged about my family's name and what type of reputation will the Yaugers have. I long to leave a name that Carol and Ezra and Mercy and Torah and whatever other children God blesses us with ... I long to leave a name that they can be proud of ... a name they can wear on the back of their jersey's with pride ... a name instills a sense of confidence mixed with humility combined with a love for others ... a reputation that will last for generations. I'm just continually burdened by the responsibility that I have as a father. I am the "gate-keeper" of our home and bear the role of servant/leader. The more I see what is going on around me the more burdened I am for my family. God, please help us to have a good name and show your favor to my children's children's children.

- In just one week my Steelers will be playing in their 8th Super Bowl! I'm a nervous wreck already! Can't wait to watch the game. Two great teams ... two great franchises ... but only one great beard.

- I'm more convinced now, more than ever, that a small child is growing inside Brett Keisels beard.
- My wife and I had a date night on Saturday and as we were talking we came to the realization that our oldest will be starting school in a year. We looked at each other with the "that can't be right" look. But, sure enough, he'll be in school in a year. Amazing ... absolutely amazing how quickly times goes by. As a parent, the days can sometimes be long, but the years are always short. Again, just burdened to invest as much time as I can in to my kids.
- We have some really exciting events coming up at our church and youth ministry. February is going to be a busy month. It starts off with our senior high retreat this weekend. Then we have our Daddy/Daughter Dance ... our Totally Tropical Luau outreach for people in our community with various disabilities ... our Valentine's Day Blitz ... our winter beach bash at curch ... and our men's retreat. A busy month but all stuff strategically planned to get us growing and going.

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