Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday Miscellaneous

- Have to admit, I'm pretty pumped today about the Pittsburgh Steelers victory in the AFC Championship game last night. I'm a huge Steelers fan. I grew up in Southwest PA where cheering for the Steelers is simply a way of life. So, I'll pretty much be going crazy these next two weeks hearing all of the Super Bowl hype and waiting patiently for the game to start.

- Two years ago, when the Steelers won Super Bowl 43, this is how the Fayette County Fair in Uniontown, PA (my home town) announced the Steeler victory.

- Yes, we are huge fans, but not the greatest spellars.

- Spent the weekend with our staff and elders at a staff/elder/wives retreat. It was awesome to spend time with each other and, not only were there just fun moments, but there were also a lot of very special moments as well ... times spent sharing how we long to be remembered when we pass on ... a time praying for our lead pastor and his family, just letting him know "we have his back" ... re-visiting goals the church set in 2002 and being able to see where God has brought us since then ... taking a walk in 3 degree weather to the spot of our very first Wild at Heart men's retreat and remembering the fun times. Great weekend.

- My wife starts back to work tomorrow. She's a student therapist at Grace College and has worked there for nearly 9 years. She works 2 days a week and I just have so much respect for what she does. She loves her job and is incredibly gifted at it, but her heart is always at home. How she manages to work part-time and still manage our home and our family so incredibly well just amazes me. Tomorrow I'm sure she'll be going to work with missed emotions ... excited to start back and invest in the lives of the students she meets with, but also torn because she LOVES being at home with our children. I'm so thankful for her and the impact she has had on me and the way she loves our kids.

- We are in the planning stages of a short vacation coming up in March. We are planning a weekend trip to Gettysburg to celebrated Carol's dad's 70th birthday. I'm so excited because I LOVE history and can't wait to visit such "hallowed" ground. I wouldn't be surprised if I get a bit emotional thinking about all that happened there in our country's history.

- I know I'm a little behind in this news, but while reading online that Ed Mauser, the oldest living member of The Band of Brothers from WWII passed away I found out that Major Richard Winters, also from The Band of Brothers passed away on January 2nd. I hadn't heard about that and was saddened to find out because Band of Brothers is one of my favorite books and also one of my favorite shows/mini-series. I gained so much repsect for what these men did in fighting for our country's freedom and, even though none of them would say this about themselves, I looked at them as true heroes for how the fought for our country and for each other. The leadership skills the Dick Winters showed were truly inspiring to me. He just had such insight and wisdom and bravery and just knew how to inspire men. I hope I can take those same skills in to my ministry position.

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