Monday, January 3, 2011

Monday Miscellaneous

- My first post of 2011. Pretty exciting. I'm continually amazed at how quickly each year continues to go by. That always reminds me to try to make the most of every moment ... to not live in the past (but don't forget it either) and to not always look to the future (but do have a vision for it). I'm learning that life often seems to be a balance of those three things, but the one that seems to get overlooked the most is simply just living in the moment. A prayer I try to pray every morning is "God, help me to keep in step with the Holy Spirit." If I'm doing that, my future will be taken care of and, although my past shapes me, it won't define me.

- I'm so thankful that I was able to spend 4 incredible days with my family last week with "technically" only having to use 1 vacation day. I took Wednesday off, Thursday is my typical day off, and Friday and Saturday were days holidays for us at Grace, so it worked out nicely. After a fairly busy Christmas season, it was nice to relax and just be at home with my wife and kids.

- On New Year's Day we spent time doing some fun things at the house. We made and decorated cookies. Although, Ezra and Mercy seemed to eat more than they decorated.

- Torah enjoyed New Year's Day by taking a nice nap and getting so close to finding her thumb.

- We finished our New Year's Day by roast hot dogs in our fireplace and having a "Living Room Picnic." I think this may be a new tradition for our family.

- I'm so pumped about the Steelers win yesterday which means a first round bye for them. Play off football is awesome!

- I still have to set some goals for the year. I've been working on some vision for our youth ministry and trying to prayerfully create a plan for the next 6 months. I'm hoping to do that for my personal life as well. The funniest resolution I've heard so far is "It used to be 'six-pack abs by summer' ... now it's 'avoid diabetes by December.'" That just really made me laugh! And, often describes my "weight" resolutions.

- Mercy turns 2 this week. Unreal.

- Pastor Jim's birthday is tomorrow. He's also excited because he made the AARP's list of most influential centarians. Happy Birthday, Jim!

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