Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Axis Wrap Up 1-5-11 Best Year Ever

I really feel burdened for our kids and our youth ministry. I so wish every one of our teenagers could be my age for just 5 minutes and be able to see their life 20 years down the road. I long for the kids in our youth ministry to have the wisdom of God and to be able to ask themselves the question "Where will this decision take me in the future?" I woke up the other night burdened to pray for our youth ministry and for our kids.

That's why at axis tonight we spent time talking about how to have the best year ever. I watched Andy Stanley talk about the Passion 2011 conference online and used much of what he shared in what I talked about to our kids.

The basic concept of the talk was that our cravings, our desires, our appetites will control us or we will control them. So many lives have been derailed and families have been broken because of not being able to control our desires. I used the story in Genesis 25:29 - 34 to illustrate how one man derailed his entire future because he was so caught up in the moment that he could not see what his one choice would cost him.

At the end of our time I gave kids an opportunity to do some business with God. It was great to see so many kids come forward and kneel and pray and really seek God's face. A great night and a good tone to set the stage for the new year.

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