Tuesday, December 7, 2010

What I Try to Bring Home Every Day

I LOVE how our home looks at Christmas. Carol does an amazing job decorating our home and making it feel incredibly festive. The above picture is of our mantle. We intentionally chose the word "PEACE" to place on the mantle because one of the prayers that Carol and I have for our home is that our home will be a place of peace for our children. My desire is that every time our kids step in to the doors of our home, they will step in to a place of peace ... that there will be a sense of safety, a sense of security ... no matter what else is going on around them, when they walk in to our home that will all be left outside the doors and they'll be overwhelmed with a calmness, a quietness ... peace.

Peace is an inner quietness, a sense of rest. We all probably know what a lack of peace looks like: fear, chaos, sleepless nights, anxiety. But, God says with the Holy Spirit in our lives we can have peace ... a rest, a security in the promises of God. I hope that our home will always provide that for our kids. Where do you need the Holy Spirit to show up in your life and offer you peace?

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