Saturday, December 11, 2010

Our "Christmas Crunch" Outreach

At Grace Community we call our outreaches "blitzes." Today we had our "Christmas Crunch" Blitz. We spent two hours passing out free ice scrapers at intersections in town and also passing out free wrapping paper at local businesses. It was such a blast to see our people (kids, teenagers, and adults) sharing the love of Jesus with people simply by doing something kind and unexpected. I passed out wrapping paper and I just loved the look on people's faces when they heard that it was "free." And, I just loved saying "Merry Christmas" to hundreds of people as they walked by.

I'm not sure we'll ever fully know the power of a simple act of kindness, a smile, or kind word. Our prayer is that what we did today will point to Jesus and bring people to Him.

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