Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday Miscellaneous

- Had a really good weekend. Had some really good church stuff going on with our community blitz, our services, and our new small group met for the first time. But, the hi-lite of my weekend was spending time with my family. We had lots of fun in the snow!

- Here's Mercy getting all bundled up and ready to go outside. She's still not a big fan of the cold. She lasted about 5 minutes.

- Ezra and I had PERFECT snow for a snow man. So, we built our first family snow man together.

- Here's Ezra next to the finished product. Right now the snow man is pretty much 3 big balls of ice! When the temperature warmed up Saturday it started to melt, but the sudden drop in temperature froze everything. So, it's pretty much rock solid at the moment ... but still looks good!

- After church and before our small group, I was able to watch the Steeler game against the "Bungles." This was probably my favorite part of the game ... cuddling with my son eating a cookie. It was so much fun!

- I'm fighting a nasty head cold right now, but still excited about our youth team Christmas dinner tonight. Should be a great time just to hang out and enjoy each other. I love our team of adults!

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