Monday, November 1, 2010

Monday Miscellaneous

- So far, the adjustment of having three kids at the house is going great. We were so blessed to have Carol's mom with us last week. She was such a huge help and honestly made it easy at home for us. My mom will be coming out this week and it will be great to have her with us as well, so we've had lots of help so far with making the adjustment from two kids to three. We've been given some incredibly cute gifts, we've had meals made for us, and ... my favorite ... somebody gave us cookies! :) We've felt incredibly blessed these past 9 days.

- I love holding my baby! On Saturday, Torah fell asleep on my chest and I loved every single minute of it.

- Last week was a pretty busy week. Some counseling appointments, some hospital visits, prepping for axis, prepping for the sermon on Sunday ... definitely lots going on. This week looks to be busy also. We have two mission trips coming up in the next three weeks. I'm really excited about them ... just lots to do to get ready for them. I'm not the only one who struggles with it, but it's always hard to find the balance between family and ministry. I'm so thankful to work at a church where we are encouraged to focus on our family and where our lead pastor works incredibly hard but also encourages us to rest and focus on our families.

- A cool little "God moment" happened for me on Friday. We have a fire place at our home and we use it a lot in the winter to keep our house warm. We go through a few cords of wood every year. Anyway, the guy we typically get wood from is no longer doing it so I needed to find a place to get wood. I mentioned that to my wife earlier in the day and that same night someone texted me and said, "Hey, do you need some wood. I have two trees that need cut up." And then, I had several other people contact me the next day to say they had wood I could have or they knew of someone that could get wood for me. Yeah, I know it's just wood, but it was a small reminder to me of how God watches out for us and knows our needs.

- I was able to visit a lady in the hospital this past Saturday. I love how I go to the hospital to try to be an encouragement, but leave being the one who was encouraged.

- I've simply felt incredibly blessed in my life recently. The people in my life, the ways God has provided, my health, where God has placed me ... I've really felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude lately. I'm reminded of 1 Timothy 6:6 "Godliness with contentment is great gain." I find the more I seek to be Godly, the more content I feel. The more content I feel, the more Godly I often feel. Amazing how 6 words can have a profound impact on my life.

- I'm unfortunately not content with the Steelers loss last night. I stayed up to watch the game and was frustrated for most of the game. But, I'm glad I got to watch them play in prime time. I was all geared up with my jersey, my hat, and my Terrible Towel. My wife lauged at me.

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