Wednesday, November 3, 2010

God Provides

A couple of days ago we got a check from someone for $200.00. It was such a wonderful and random gift. Three days later we had to get some work done on our garage door because it just quit working. Come to find out both springs on the garage door were shot and needed replaced. The total cost: $196.00. God provided for us even before we knew we were going to need it.

We try to be faithful to God with what He has given us. We feel incredibly blessed and try to be a blessing to others as we can. Sure, if we didn't do that I'd probably have my student loans paid off by now and we'd be able to take a nicer vacation or buy some nicer things. But, where would that get us? Those are things that will not last and we feel that, as followers of Jesus, we are called to give back and invest in things that are making a difference. There have been countless instances where some unexpected financial burden has come up and some how, some way God just comes through for us and He has always used the generosity of others to make tha that happen. This was another of those times.

Thank you, God, for providing for us once again and for using the generosity of others to bless our lives. Please help us to always give back.

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