Friday, November 19, 2010

Axis Wrap Up 11/17/10 Ask Us Anything

We had a great night at axis on Wednesday. This was our once a month student led night. I love these nights. I always learn from them and I'm always proud of our kids for stepping up and making things happen.
We had teenagers answer three questions that were submitted over our website: 1) When should I break up with someone? 2) What are the benefits of being abstinent? 3) Are smoking and drinking a sin. It was really cool to hear our students share their thoughts on these questions and they did a really good job explaining things.
We also had some really fun things going on. We gave away some sweet prizes like a Snuggie and a Justin Beiber 2011 calendar. :) We played a cool Minute to Win It game and we also gave an opportunity for kids to randomly share what God has been doing in their life.
Something really cool that happened at the end of our middle school time ... we ended a little earlier than I was anticipating for middle school, so I just jumped up on stage and asked kids if there were any questions they had on ... well ... anything. Man, our kids began asking some really good questions like "If a teenager gets pregnant should they give the baby up for adoption?" "When is divorce a sin?" "Is it wrong for guys to think sexual thoughts?" "Are 'mature' rated games wrong for junior highers to play?" Wow, they really laid the questions on me and it was cool to simply share openingly and honestly with our kids. Then, to wrap up the middle school time a couple of kids asked if they could give their testimony about what God has been doing in their life. It turned in to a pretty powerful time and I felt led to ask if there were any students who really felt like they needed prayer right now. Several students raised their hands. So, we surrounded those kids and laid hands on them and prayed for them. It really turned in to a special way to end the night and totally unexpected.
Next Week: Pajama Night!

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