Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday Miscellaneous

- Had GREAT services at Grace Community yesterday. We continued the 5 More Lies series and talked about the lie I'm the Only One. We addressed the idea that sometimes we often feel like we are the only one who may struggle with a certain thing and that feeling of isolation is what often keeps us in patterns of sin. The way to overcome that is through openness and humility. So, at the end of the service, people were challenged to come forward and write down sins that they are struggling with or things they are holding on to. We then took those things outside and burned them. It was a very powerful picture of how God views our sin: "In Your lvoe You kept me from the pit of destruction; You have put all my sins behind Your back." Isaiah 38:17.

- Our due date for the baby came and went yesterday and still no baby. We are anxiously awaiting it's arrival and can't wait to meet the little guy/gal. Hard to believe that for the past 9 months I have been nothing more than a muffled voice outside of the womb but soon enough our eyes will meet and I will be known as dad. Can't wait!

- On Saturday I participated in the funeral for a wonderful woman, Wanda Welling. Wanda was a part of our church for 45 years! She passed away a little over a week ago. During the funeral, people were given the opportunity say something about Wanda. Her son-in-law shared something that, I felt, described Wanda perfectly. He said that when they first met "I stuck out my hand to shake hers, but she opened up her arms to give me a hug." That was Wanda. A great woman who will be missed. We are rejoicing with her now.

- My in-laws are visiting from CT this week. It's really nice to have them with us. Today, they took our kids to the local orchard to pick some apples and some pumpkins. Above is a pic of our dauther. Yeah, I'm totally biased, but she's adorable!

- On Friday night we had our middle school Homeless for the Homeless event. We heard from another guy from Faith Mission in Elkhart. We also watched the movie The Pursuit of Happiness. Finally we made our way outside to sleep on the cardboard. It got down to 33 degrees and was flat out COLD! But, the experience opened our eyes to the needs around us.

- Big Steeler win yesterday over the hated Clevland Browns! I didn't get to watch the game, but because it wasn't televised in our area, but tried to keep up to date with the highlights. Football is such an awesome game to me. Such a fine line separates the good teams from the great teams. I think it was Chuck Noll (former Steeler coach) who said something along the lines of "to win you have to do ordinary things better than anyone else." That's such a great philosophy to apply to life.

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