Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday Miscellaneous

- Had a great, but long day yesterday. I was able to play on the worship team at Grace in the morning, which meant I had to be at practice at 5:45am. Played all three services. After our last service, we had a student leadership meeting which went until 4:30pm. Nothing like 11 hours on a Sunday to make you a little tired on a Monday.

- Had a GREAT student leadership meeting. I just loved meeting with our students and, honestly, those meetings are one of the high lights of my month. I love pouring in to them and just really enjoy them also. One of the things we did as part of our meeting is visit a family who has been a part of our church for over 50 years! The wife has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and just isn't doing well at all. Doctors have only given her a few weeks to a few months. So, we spent some time visiting with the family and just thanking them for everything they have done at Grace Community. We are reaping the benefits of their hard work and dedication. We talked with her, spent time with her, prayed with her and then, before we left, she asked if we would sing a song. Well, that really took me by surprise and I just wasn't sure what to sing. I asked if she had a favorite song and she said to just pick one. Well, the song that came to my mind was simply Jesus Loves Me. So, myself and 15 teenagers sang Jesus Loves Me to Wanda ... and I was tearing up the entire time.

- We are doing an event this Friday called Homeless for the Homeless. It's just a very simple thing that we are doing as a youth ministry in an effort to try to help our kids be aware of some of the needs in our community. It's an idea taken from the Momentum Conference that we attended this past July. So, on Friday night we'll be grabbing some cardboard boxes and sleeping outside. We'll also be doing a few other things .... hearing from the director of a local shelter and also watching a movie on homelessness. But, most of the night will be spent outside with the clothes on our back and a cardboard box. I'm just trying to create more of an awareness in our kids and helping them to realize there are needs out there and we need to be aware of them in order to help. We're also having kids bring in deoderant and soap to give to the shelter.

- Less than two weeks now until our baby is due. Man, 9 months has totally flown by! I am filled with anticipation and can't wait to fall in love again with another baby!

- Not a great football weekend for me. My Steelers lost. My Nittany Lions lost. But my fantasy team is looking to head to 1 and 3 after tonight. :)

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