Friday, October 22, 2010

Axis Wrap Up 10-20-10 What They Believe

Our student leadership team led the night at axis this past Wednesday and did an AWESOME job! I felt like we had a really good combination of things on this night and took our kids on a good journey. Our night started with some dancing. We plugged in the Wii and pulled up a song from Just Dance 2 and had our kids dancing to it. Really went over well. We also had some prizes to give away. We spent time worshipping. We heard about what God was doing in the life of one of our kids. And, then we had a panel that discussed what an Amish person, and atheist, and a follower of Jesus would believe (a continuation of our What They Believe series). Our kids did a great job planning the night and I always look forward to setting them loose to plan a night of axis.
One of the good things about our current series is not only is it a way to point out what other beliefs are out there and compare them to the truth of the Bible, but for 3 straight weeks now I have talked to our kids about some of our core theological beliefs. I basically address three things: What the religion believes about God, Jesus, salvation, and the Bible. So, for 3 straight weeks our kids have heard the same thing about what WE believe on these things and I've basically been able to share the plan of salvation with our youth ministry for three straight weeks and the idea that our message is simple: We were created to be in relationship with God and that happens simply through Jesus Christ. I'm thinking the time is soon to give kids an opportunity to make a decision to follow Jesus.

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