Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Youth Ministry Reminder

I was reminded on Sunday, once again, of the importance that teenagers can play in the role of the entire church. On Sunday after our 3rd service we had something called "Getting to Know Grace." It's an opportunity for people newer to the church to get to know the pastors, find out more about the history of the church, and also ask questions. Well, a couple of things jumped out at me as reminders of the important role teenagers can play in the church as a whole:

1. Several families said that they started coming to Grace because their teenagers were involved in the youth ministry. Parents just LOVE IT when their kids love going to church. They were intrigued and wanted to check out the church for themselves.

2. There were several smaller kids at our Getting to Know Grace meeting and guess who did the child care ... yep ... teenagers. They served and they loved it!

3. We also had several of our high school students serve at our middle school retreat this past weekend. We didn't have as many adults go as I was hoping to have go. Our high schoolers stepped up in HUGE ways and served. It was awesome!

Anyway, just a few things that jumped out at me about the important role that teenagers can play in the church.

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