Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday Miscellaneous

- I spent the weekend at our middle school retreat at Camp Manowe. It was a great weekend and I really enjoyed my time with our middle schoolers. One of our teams, the Pink Ninjas, is pictured above. Of course, there was lots of fun stuff ... baby food through a straw, relay races, puzzles, card board canoe races, horse back riding, ropes course, zip line ... but we also spent time focusing on WHY we should pursue God and HOW we can pursue God. Overall, a great weekend ... but I have to admit, I forgot how back a group of middle school guys can stink up a cabin!

- My birthday was Saturday and Carol REALLY surprised me when she made the drive up to the camp with the kids and spent a couple of hours with us on my b-day. She brought some cupcakes and presents and it was just a great surprise. The kids at the retreat also helped make it a special birthday for me. My beautiful wife got me the greatest gifts: A DVD of all SIX Steeler Superbowl games, a book of the 50 Greatest Plays in Steeler history, an awesome pair of mocasins to wear around the house, some jeans and a cool t-shirt. Ezra also got me a gift ... an Imaginetix Spider Robot that, for some reason, he's asking if he can play with all the time. :) It was really cute when Carol told me the story of him picking out the gift for me. To use a counseling term: He was "projecting" a bit. :)

- We did a series last year called 5 Lies of Satan. This past Sunday we started a take-off of that series at Grace Community called 5 More Lies. Pastor Jim looked at the lie that "Singleness is a Sickness." He really encouraged people who are single to embrace their singleness and not complain about it. He also encouraged married people to stop saying the crazy things married people often say to single people that can be really discouraging.
- My wife makes the most amazing chocolate chip cookies EVER!
- I'm loving football season! The Steelers won again yesterday wife in a HUGE defensive battle against the Titans. I know scoring and offense get all of the attention, but I tell ya, there's something about watching a dominant defensive game that I just love. I just love it when a defense has the mindset of "We are going to take away every strength you have and there's nothing you can do about it. Then, we're just going to hit you harder than you hit us." If I were a coach, I'd love to be a defensive coach.
- There was a tragedy that happened on the campus where my wife and I were both in grad school. Two students were lying on a hammock that was in someone's yard and somehow a tree that the hammock was attached too just collapsed killing one of the students and paralyzing the other. My wife works on the campus and she received the phone call while she was visiting me at the middle school retreat. Just an awful, awful tragedy! It's actually the same hammock that my wife (then girlfriend) would sometimes lay on for a little bit while we would go for walks around the town. I just cannot imagine what the families are going through right now and have been praying for them since I heard the news.

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