Monday, September 13, 2010

Marathon Training by the Numbers

I was just a little curious so I tallied a few numbers from my marathon training this summer. In case you're interested ...

18 ... number of weeks trained
1 ... number of weeks off because of a sickness from Satan himself
1 ... number of times I fell while running
3 ... number of week long out of state/country trips I took during training
386 ... total number of miles run while training
1815 ... ounces of water/gatorade I drank while training
4 ... number of blisters
1 ... toenail falling off
9 ... pieces of running equipment purchased
4632 ... number of minutes I ran while training
280 ... number of times I ran
280 ... number of times Ezra told me "Dad, don't get me sweaty!" when I came back from running. :)

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