Friday, September 24, 2010

9-22-10 Axis Wrap Up ... Stay Positive

We continued our 5 Ways to Be Awesome series at axis by looking at the idea of staying positive. One of the best ways to lead an "awesome" life is to make the conscious choice to stay positive. Our lead pastor will often say "Talk to yourself in stead of listening to yourself." That's a great line to apply when we try to focus on staying positive, even in the face of adversity.

Personally, it was a GREAT night for me because our student leadership team led the entire night and they just NAILED it! I was so proud of them. There was a good energy in the room and our kids did lots of things to make that happen. We had kids passing out sticky notes with positive things written on them, kids were greeting at all the doors, we had some free candy waiting for everyone who checked in. We also did some really fun prize give-a-ways ... including a 6 pound bag of gummy bears ... and a fun game in our gym. We also had students share some of the cool stuff God has been recently doing in their lives. Kids virtually led every area of our night and it was so awesome to see that happening.

One of our girls, Allison, spoke and she really did an amazing job. Seriously, she did so much better than I would have done as a senior in high school. I was so impressed with her. Allison is one girl who has a "right" to speak on staying positive. She's won the mental attitude award on her sports teams at high school and also went through months of radiation treatment last year for a brain tumor. It certainly wasn't easy, but she had an amazing attitude throughout the entire ordeal and when she shared on what it means to stay positive, I wanted to listen. She did a great job of sharing from Scripture and making it very practical for our lives.

Next Week: We wrap up our series by looking at Integrity.

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