Friday, September 3, 2010

9-1-10 Axis Wrap Up: Do More Than Expected

Had a great night at axis Wednesday. We started our new series 5 Ways to Be Awesome
and over the next 5 weeks we'll be looking at 5 different attributes that, if applied to our lives, will help us be ... well ... awesome. Tonight's topic was simply Do More Than What's Expected of You. I said that phrase over and over through out the night and it was the one point I wanted to drive home to our kids. The idea is to understand that your reputation is one of the most important things you have (Proverbs 22:1). What you do, your work ethic, your attitude, your servant's heart represent you but even more importantly, if you are a follower of Jesus, they represent Jesus Christ (Colossians 3:23). I encouraged our kids to be willing to stretch themselves, to make themselves uncomfortable in order to keep growing. People notice those types of things. It helps their reputation and, more importantly, helps us represent Jesus well.
I showed a clip from the great DVD ever made ... The Complete History of the Pittsburgh Steelers ... :) and in the clip I showed the Immaculate Reception, voted the greatest play in NFL history. Anyway, Coach Chuck Noll was interviewed about this play and he said that the play happened because Franco Harris did more than what he was expected to do. His assignment on the play was to block the outside linebacker. When he noticed that the outside linebacker was not rushing, but was dropping back in to pass coverage and when he also noticed the Terry Bradshaw was starting to scramble on the play, Franco Harris tried to somehow get in to the open. In doing this, more than what was expected of him on the play, it put him in position to make the Immaculate Reception. Coach Noll's exact words were "All this comes from doing more than what you were expected to do."
I really tried to drive this point home to our kids and help them realize that they'll never regret doing their best. They'll never regreat doing more than expected. Will things always turn out how they want? No, but they'll be able to lay their head on their pillow at night realizing they did their best.
We had 17 first time visitors, which is just AWESOME! Kids were serving all over the place and it was just a really positive night. We had two new kids on our worship team. Jeremy did just a great job of bringing us before the throne of God.

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