Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday Miscellaneous

- I just got back from a lunch meeting with one of our axis guys. We meet regularly to discuss the Bible. It's really cool. No fancy curriculums or workbooks or discipleship materials. We just pick a passage, read it, and discuss it. It's so refreshing and continually reminds me of the power of God's Word in our lives. Love it!

- Our fall ministry at axis kicks off this Wednesday. We have some fun stuff planned for the night ... prize give-a-ways, games, art, music ... good stuff. I'm so excited and can't wait to see what God has in store for us this fall. I've been burdened with the idea of really knowing God and being desperate for His power in our lives. I want that to be the driving force for us this fall. We could have all the best and coolest stuff ... we could have the best music ... we could have hundreds of kids join us every Wednesday night, but if God is not the focus of what we do then it's all worthless. I want us to be desperate for God every time we get together as a youth ministry.

- It's so hard to believe, but in just 9 weeks I'll finally get to meet our third baby. The anticipation is really starting to build now and also the feeling of "Oh, wow. We're going to be outnumbered now!" I'm more of a zone defender anyway, so using the "zone defense" to parent should come naturally. :) haha We're not sure what we're having. We're pretty sure it will be a boy or a girl, though. Neither my wife or I have red hair but both of our kids do. So, we're not sure what to expect with our new baby, but honestly, we are going to be a little disappointed if he/she doesn't have red hair. I'm not sure we'll know how to raise a kid that doesn't have red hair. :) My wife has been amazing through the entire pregnancy and I'm just more and more amazed at her every day. Can't wait to meet the new little one.

- We made some homemade salsa over the weekend. While making it, I had the lid off of our blender and was trying to push some cilantro, onion, garlic, and lime further down in the the blender with a wooden spoon. I accidently pushed a little too far. The spoon hit the blender blades and sent the green mixture flying through our kitchen ... cabinets, sink, floor, ceiling AND on my wife! You haven't lived until you've seen a mixture like that splatter all over your wife! Such good fun. :) Thankfully I have a very forgiving wife and it provided a great laugh for us.

- I'm almost back to "normal" after my bout with the plague last week. Not quite a 100% but feeling pretty good. Hoping to run tonight and get back in to the routine.

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