Friday, August 27, 2010

Axis Wrap Up 8-23-10 Our Core Values

At axis Wednesday night I took some time to talk about our core values as a youth ministry. I talked to our kids about our DNA ... what makes axis, well, axis. We started our night by having two of our graduates share about their dream for everyone who comes to axis. They'll be leaving for college this Saturday. They have been a HUGE part of our youth ministry for years and I've seen them take advantage of everything that our youth ministry offers to help a person grow in their faith. They both shared with our teenagers that if they want to grow in their faith, they have to get involved ... they have to get plugged in. They shared about the difference getting involved has made in their lives and how grounded they feel now that they'll be heading off to college. It was great to hear from them.
I then just tried to have a conversation with our kids talking to them about the fact that nobody should be more concerned with their faith journey than they are. If they want to grow in a relationship with Jesus, they need to be intentional about it and make efforts at it. I then shared with them our core values ... or what we call the FAB 4. We will offer every student that comes to axis opportunities to KNOW GOD, SERVE OTHERS, BE INVOLVED WITH EACH OTHER, and MAKE AN IMPACT. That's basically our philosophy of ministry. I just believe that we grow in our faith when we seek to KNOW God, SERVE others, INVOLVE ourselves with positive people, and have a positive IMPACT by sharing Jesus with others. We stress those 4 things to our kids constantly and everything we do as a youth ministry is based off of those 4 things. We try to keep it simple yet strategic.
I felt like this was a good time of the year to talk about our values and it was cool to see kids get excited about the things shared that would allow us to KNOW, SERVE, INVOLVE, and IMPACT. We ended our night by having students read Bible verses that talked about each element of the FAB 4 and then after each verse was read I led our kids in a time of prayer asking God to reveal to us how we can do each of these things.
Next Week: We kick off a 5 week series entitled 5 Way to Be Awesome. We'll be looking at 5 character traits that will help us be the best we can possibly be.

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