Friday, July 9, 2010

The Mind of a 3-Year Old

So, for Father's Day, I received the most precious gift from Ezra. It literally had me weeping at the breakfast table. Unbeknownst to me, Carol had asked Ezra "Why do you love daddy?" She wrote down his responses and, drew some pictures (with Ezra's help of course) and made a book out of them and then gave to it me on Father's Day. Here are a few of the pages from the book.

He has loved to cuddle since Day 1.

We play Star Wars all the time.

For his birthday I "taught" him how to eat these for a treat.

He always cheers me on when I come back from my runs.
The other pages say:
- "I love my daddy because he sings the Spider Man song when I brush my teeth." We bought him a Spider Man toothbrush and I sing the song to him while he brushes.
- "I love my dad because he is cool."
- "I love my dad because he likes to play outside with me and rides on the tractor." Ezra loves to go for rides on the John Deere.
- "I love my dad because he wrestles me." He's such a boy!
- "I love my dad because he lets me use his tools and we fix things." My tools consist of a screw driver and hammer. Not the greatest handy-man in the world. :)
- "I love my dad because he tickles me."
- "I love my dad because he goes to the park with me."
Everything we do as parents is noticed, whether we realize it or not. Do not pass up these opportunities to pour in to your kids and point them to God. We, as dads, are the first picture of God that they will know. Give them a good picture to follow.

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