Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Kandice Robinson (pictured on the right) died last night. She was 27 and battled cancer for over a year. The way she battled, the way she fought ... we could all learn from it. Through it all, the good days and the really bad days, she stayed connected to her Savior and intentionally chose to pursure Him, even on the days when she really didn't feel like it.

Kandice was a missionary that our church supported. She studied sign language and wanted to use her passion to reach the hearing disabled for Jesus Christ in Kyrgyzstan. She was only months away from leaving when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Even though she was unable to leave for Kyrgyzstan, she played an important role for Team Asia here in the States.

Two weeks ago she was the the Momentum Youth Conference that I took several of our youth ministry students too. Only days before she had just found out the the cancer had spread to her brain. Doctors wanted to start treatments immediately, but she really wanted to be at Momentum because she felt God had something for her to share with the nearly 2000 students that would be there. Below is a brief clip of the interview she did while at Momentum.

Kandice, you will be missed, but we all take comfort in knowing that you are happier than you've ever before. You are with Jesus now and He is more real to you than He has ever been.

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