Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Back From Momentum

Well, I'm back from a week at the Momentum Youth Conference and, once again, I had an absolute blast. Going to a conference like this reminds me of why I am in youth ministry. I was so proud of our teenagers and my heart just exploded with joy as I saw them genuinely making commitments to God and, from a place deep within their heart, asking God the question "What do you REALLY want me to do?" Here are a few of the highlights:
- Connecting with Our Kids: There's nothing like spending 24/7 with a group of teenagers that you love. We were able to take 34 kids from axis with us and I just had an absolute blast with them. I really try to take advantage of times like this. Kids just seem to be more open to spiritual conversations. I had several really good and deep talks with our kids and just to see their hearts open to God ... well ... again, it reminds me of why I am in youth ministry.
- Our Times of Worship: It was so cool that Jeremy Byng and the band from our church was able to lead the entire conference in worship a couple of days. They did such a great job and really brought us before the thrown of God. I loved seeing our kids respond and worship God in this way. Aaron Keyes, Laura Story, and Brett Younker also led worship at the conference.
- Sessions: The sessions and speakers were amazing! Our lead pastor, Jim Brown, had the oppportunity to speak at one of the main sessions. There was also Brett Harris, Mark Batterson,
Jeff Bogue, Kondo Simfukwe, Greg Speck, Mark Cahill, and several others teach us from the Word of God.
- We Care: We Care is something that Momentum does every year where we just take the entire conference out in to the community and just serve and love on the community. We did community service, trash pick up, went to homes and just randomly asked how we could help out in their yards, fed people, painted ... whatever needed to be done. We also did Feed My Starving Children, which is what our group specifically worked on during our We Care day. Just loved it and love how the conference allows us the opportunity to give back. It's one thing to sit for a week and take in the Word of God. I love how Momentum says "We take in God's Word so we can then give back."
- My Personal Epiphany: On the last day of the conference we take communion. I was asked to help out in a small way at the communion by being stationed at one of several tables across the auditorium where kids would walk up and take the bread and the cup. So, I had a loaf of bread and as a teenager would walk up to the table, I'd break a piece off, give it to them, and then they would dip it in a large bowl of grape juice and take communion in that way. Anyway, while I was breaking off pieces of bread and giving it to teenagers, I felt like God just really spoke to me and reminded me of what this aspect of communion is all about. The bread represents the body of Jesus Christ ... the juice represents the blood of Jesus Christ. As this is all taking place, I felt like God was just reminding me of what I am called to be doing ... giving Jesus to teenagers. It hit me in a way that it has never hit me before and I just started weeping. Tears are just pouring down my face every time I'd give a piece of bread to a teeangers. I was just overwhelmed with the responsibility that I've been given and overwhelmed for teenagers to encounter Jesus. Honestly, it was one of the most worshipful experiences I've ever had.
Overall, another great conference and I'm praying that God will literally, keep this momentum going the rest of the year.

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  1. WOW! Thanks Rich for sharing how God spoke to you through the Communion time and thanks for being obedient to the calling that God has given you! I know that you've had a key role in my life and it's been awesome to see how God has continued to use you in the lives of many others!


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