Friday, July 23, 2010

Axis Wrap Up 7-21-10

We had a great night of axis Wednesday. It was our first time together since the Momentum Youth Conference. We did a few different things that were really powerful.

1. A group of our kids did a REALLY FUN DANCE to the song Jai Ho.

2. We watched the Momentum Recap video.

3. Students shared. I just opened up our night to kids who went to Momentum or kids who didn't go to just talk about what God is doing in there lives. Wow ... powerful stuff. I was just amazed at the things kids were sharing with each other and the support they were giving to each other after they shared. There is power in testimony. There is power in our stories. We experienced that Wednesday night.

4. I asked 3 of our graduating seniors to share some parting words of advice to our students for the fall. None of the 3 got together to discuss what they were going to say, but all of the 3 said almost the exact same thing: Get involved. They strongly encouraged our kids to take their walk with God seriously and to take advantage of everything we, as a youth ministry, are trying to offer kids to grow in their walk with God. It was powerful.

It was cool to see kids hugging each other after the night and cool having kids come up to me asking for prayer or asking for specific advice on stuff. My prayer for the night was that God would help set a direction for us as we begin to start our school year ministry. I'm excited to see the direction we'll go. We want to follow Him. We don't want Him to follow us.

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