Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Nicaragua Update # 1

We've been in Nicaragua for almost an entire day and we've already seen our first "God moment." It acutally happened before we arrived in Nicaragua. Our first plane out of O'hare was delayed and that delay was going to cost us our connecting flight in Houston. We were originally supposed to leave at 1:55pm, but the flight was delayed until 3:15pm. After talking with the airline people, we tried every possible way to figure out how to get to Nicaragua, but it just didn't seem like it was going to happen and we were most likely going to have to spend the night in the Houston airport and leave for Nicaragua Tuesday morning. Well, our team prayed and the flight was bumped up 30 minutes. We left at 2:45pm. That 30 minutes allowed us to catch our connecting flight in Houston (we made it by 10 minutes) and we made it to Nicaragua and to Pochocuape by 9:45pm.

Today we had a great day. The day was mostly spent interacting with kids. There are a couple of schools in the area and during recess we just went and played with the kids. I had my butt kicked in soccer several times by some little kids. :)

Here's Leah with one of the girls.

We then went to another school in the area and we made lunch for the kids. One of the local families opened up their home and allowed us to make the lunch there. Below is Mariah at the home.

Here are some of our kids passing out the meals.

After we had our lunch we walked around the mountain and just interacted with families and asked them if there was any way we could pray for them. It was a very special time and the families were incredibly hospitable. This is Rosa. She gave us some fresh mangos straight from the tree before we left.

Here are some of our girls walking with some of the local girls.

Today has been amazing so far and it's so awesome to see God working in us and through us. Our kids have been absolutely incredible and have already faced some different struggles on the trip and have passed with flying colors! I'm so proud of them all.
This is a level of poverty like I have never seen before. It's really eye opening and just reminds me once again how important it is to bless others with what we have been given. But, also a reminder that this trip is not just about "humantarian" stuff. There's a lot of that going on. We want to be giving Jesus to people, not just some granola bars.
One funny story .... my Spanish is not good at all. Anyway, I had been going around asking kids their name by saying "te ama" and I had several kids just sort of laugh at me when I'd ask. Well, come to find out that "te ama" is not "What's you're name." Instead it's "I love you." Well, kids need to know that anyway. :)
Please keep praying for our team. Thanks.

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