Thursday, June 24, 2010

I Was a Sweaty Mess ... and Loved It

Today was absolutely and amazing day here in Nicaragua. There were several tears that were shed and hearts that were broken on our team, including mine. We started our day off by going to a local school (we were there yesterday and the director actually invited us back which, I guess, is a HUGE deal because she's not a believer and usually doesn"t do that). But, anyway, we went back to the school and just had a fabulous time interacting with the kids. We were able to bring some gifts with us this time (side-walk chalk, coloring books, and crayons). The kids LOVED them! Here's Alyssa using the chalk with some of the kids.

Below is Brittany playing frisbee.

After that we were able to go to another food location and help pass out some more food to kids. There were about 100 kids that were there. The food locations are all outside. It was about 85 to 90 degrees outside and the humidity is out of this world! They make the food in a little shack that is about 4 feet by 6 feet. Inside this shack is a fire where they boil the water along with the rice and vitamin mixture from Feed My Starving Children. I was helping dish out the food in this shack and it had to have been 110 degrees in there ... combined with all the smoke it made things pretty interesting. But, we passed out all of the food and then we went to spend some time with the kids. This is when things got really fun. The boys just wanted to be boys so we just wrestled and wrestled. Below is Cody getting a "beat down." :)

And, that's pretty much what we did the rest of our time there. Cody and I wrestled with kids, we tossed them in the air, we swung them around in circles, we chased them ... just a bunch of "guy stuff." By the end of our time there, we were both filthy and just soaking wet with sweat ... AND we loved it!

I'm really missing my family right now and in each little boy I saw my son Ezra. Ezra and I always wrestle and I always toss him up in the air and so while I was doing it with those kids I was really struck by the fact that many of these little boys don't have a dad to toss them in the air and wrestle with them. It broke my heart and even though I was beat and hot and I stunk, I wanted to give my all to these little kids because who knows when they'll be tossed in the air again?

The couple of hours we spent there really impacted our team. One girl had on two of her favorite rings, but gave them away to one little girl who just kept commenting on how pretty the rings were. It was two and a half of the hottest, dirtiest, sweatiest hours of our lives ... but two and a half of the best hours of our lives also.

One more thing I'm noticing on this trip ... we're not all that different. Even though we're in a different country with a different people, some things are just the same. Little boys still love competition. Little girls still love to be called "pretty." Babies still love balloons! A piece of candy will always get a smile. Teenage boys just like teenage girls (especially the girls on our team) :) There are some things that will always be universal.

Thanks for your continued prayers.

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