Wednesday, June 30, 2010

God Moments

So, our trip to Nicaragua was filled with amazing experiences and I'll probably be doing a final wrap up of the trip some time soon, but I just wanted to take a second to share 4 things that happened to me personally that I really believe were God. These are not huge, earth shattering things, but as I reflect on them, I really feel like it was the Holy Spirit speaking to me and doing some cool stuff.

1. When we were going to leave from O'Hare on 6/21, our flight was delayed because of some storms. We only had a short layover in Houston to beging with (52 minutes) and our flight was from O'Hare to Houston was going to be delayed 50 minutes. That meant we weren't going to make our connecting flight from Houston to Managua and we would have to spend the night at the Houston airport because there weren't any other flights out of Houston to Nicaragua that day. We were bummed. But, our team prayed about it and about 50 minutes before we were to leave we noticed that the flight had been bumped up from a 50 minute delay to a 30 minute delay. That bump gave us just enought time to make our connecting flight in Houston and we were able to make it to Nicaragua on time.

2. Wednesday evening in Nicaragua we were sitting in a Spanish church service with a couple hundred people from Pochocuape. I couldn't understand a word that was said because it was all in Spanish. But, as I was sitting there, I really felt something in my spirit tell me that I needed to pray for my family. This was at approximately 8pm Nicaragua time (10pm Indiana time). So, I didn't know why, but I just felt led to pray over my family and ask God to protect them and watch over them. Come to find out that around that same time while I'm in Nicaragua there is a tornado touching down in Goshen.

3. We left Nicaragua on Sunday (6/27) and landed in Houston. We had a connecting flight to Chicago but it had been delayed for an hour due to some weather. Anyway, during that time we decided to go to the food court and grab some lunch. After lunch, I make my way to a Starbucks to grab a drink. While in line I just kept on feeling something in my spirit say "You don't want this drink. You don't need this drink." Now, for me to pass up a Starbucks is a miracle in and of itself, but I listened to that little voice and decided against the drink. After I passed up the drink I felt something else in my spirit just say "You better check the flight time to be sure the flight is still delayed." Now, my sister-in-law had been checking this on her phone the entire time and the website was still telling us that the flight was delayed. But, when I checked it in the airport the TV's were saying the flight was on time! I checked at 2:12 and the flight was to leave at 2:15. I book it over the the gate, tell the lady that there are 10 of us in a group and we need to get on that plane. She begins to chew me out up and down and made it clear how irresponsible I was for not being at the plane on time. I took the verbal beating me awithout saying a word (although there were a few words I wanted to say) and the group made it on the flight ... even though we held up the plane.

4. When we finally get back to O'Hare and get to the van, our van has a small luggage box on the back. We put some luggage in it and then go to shut the lid and find out that it won't latch. Despite our best efforts no of us can get the lid to latch even though it should have latched with no problem. I say, "Too bad we don't have a bungie cord." No joke ... 5 seconds later someone looks on the ground and 4 feet away from us is a bungie cord ... not one of the small cords but a long bungie cord ... the exact size we needed to wrap around the luggage box to make sure the lid wouldn't fly open.

Again, nothing huge but enough to help me see the hand of God at work in several different ways and I loved trying to keep in step with the Holy Spirit and follow His lead in several different ways during the trip.

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