Friday, June 11, 2010

Axis Wrap Up 6/9/10 - What We Believe About God

Our summer ministry at axis looks a lot different than our ministry during the school year. We strip down everything ... no music, no games. Just a bit of hang out time, some prayer and then we get right to our teaching time. This summer, I decided to do something totally different than we've done in the past. Our numbers go down dramatically in the summer. Instead of fighting that I decided to try to embrace it this summer. We put everyone in small groups and we spent time really digging in to the Bible.

Our summer series will be "What We Believe." On this night we spent time looking at What We Believe About God. I made up workbooks for all of our kids and basically walked them through every question and every Bible verse on God and what we believe about Him. I really want our kids to examine their faith and understand why they believe what they believe. As we progress through our summer, the idea is to really help our teenagers see why we believe what we believe and then understand that what we believe changes and impacts the way we live. We don't embrace Jesus' way of life simply to do it. We embrace His way of life because of what we believe about Him.

For more info on What We Believe About God, you can check out what we went over by going to our website

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