Friday, June 18, 2010

Axis Wrap Up 6/16/10 - What We Believe About Jesus

We continued our "What We Believe" summer series at axis by taking a look at What We Believe About Jesus. Again, we stripped down everything in the ministry, had a short time of announcements, broke up in to small groups, prayed, and then got right in to our teaching time.

Before we started I reminded our kids that what they believe about Jesus will be the most important thing that they EVER believe in their entire lives. I also reminded them that the reason I do what I do is because of what I believe about Jesus. He's made an unimaginable change in my life and I want to do all I can to point others (especially teenagers) to Him.

We spent some time going through a short workbook on Jesus and looked at things like:
- Jesus was 100% man
- But, Jesus was also 100% God
- What does the Bible specifically say about Jesus
- What did Jesus say about Himself
- Why did Jesus have to die for us

Honestly, for me personally, it was a very worshipful time simply focusing on Jesus ... who He is and what He has done. I left with just a greater sense of wonder and amazement because of who He is.

For more information on what we talked about you can go to and click on our What We Believe About Jesus workbook.

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