Saturday, May 22, 2010

Axis Wrap Up 5-19-10: Life Lessons from the Prom

We had a great night at axis Wednesday. This is the time of year for prom 'round these parts, so I thought I'd take on the challenge of teaching lessons that we can all learn from the prom. It was a fun challenge and hopefully enlightening to our kids. In case you're wondering ... here's what we talked about:

1. Don't Compare Yourself
We can get all dressed up for prom and feel great when we look in the mirror, but all to often when we get to the dance, instead of focusing on how great we look and feel, we all too often start looking at other people and comparing dresses or tuxes or dates or cars or whatever it may be. The more we compare ourselves with others, the less we'll feel like we measure up. Instead, try focusing on our strengths and the specific gifts that God has given us. Ephesians 2:10 talks about God planning good things for us to do. He has gifted us to do those good things. Instead of worrying about another person's gifts or abilities, focus on what God has given you and the opportunities He's placed before you.

2. It's OK Not to Know How to Dance
When I went to my prom, it was the first and only high school dance I went too. I'm an awful dancer and usually pull a hamstring when I try to do any dancing. But, while I was at my prom, I didn't worry about how I looked dancing. I just went out and did it and had fun while doing it. The idea behind this was to not feel like we HAVE to know how to do something before we do it. Be willing to fail. Take risks and challenges and don't just do the things that you know you can do. Allow God to stretch you. Sometimes you'll have great victories and other times you'll fail. But, if you fail, at least you tried.

3. Be in the Picture
Pictures are HUGE at prom. My prom picture was probably the worst prom picture ever taken. Not necessarily my prom picture (because I actually looked pretty good in the tux). But, my post prom picture was awful! I wore a peach colored polo, torquoise shorts, white socks, and black tennis shoes! My date must have been so embarrassed! :) But, being in the picture means to be there for the "big" moments in the lives of the people that are closest to you. If someone were to take a picture of a big life moment of one of your friends or family members ... would you be in the picture? Would they see you in the background? Be there for the people you're closest with.

4. You Can Look Good but Not Have a Good Time
Chances are your prom night is the one night in high school that you look your best. But, looking good isn't what determines whether or not you'll have a good time. You can look great, but if you have a lousy date, you're going to have a lousy time. If your date is great, you'll have a great time! Who your with is more important than how you look. The idea behind this was to not focus so much on what we have or what we accomplish, but to think about having God in our life. As long as we are with Him, we can learn to be content in any and all circumstances (see Philippians 4). We can have all the best stuff, but without God still be miserable (Ecclesiastes 12:13).

Overall it was a fun night with some fun applications from prom. Next week, I'm planning a year review and really challenging our kids to be doers and not just listeners.

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