Friday, May 14, 2010

Axis Wrap Up 5-12-10: 3D

Topic: Music Choices

Fun Stuff: A fun game in our gym called Knight, Mount, Carry

Attendance: 4 first time visitors

Bible Verses: Proverbs 18:15, Philippians 4:8, Colossians 3:5b - 8

Night Review: 3D seems to be pretty big these days so we took a look at the 3 D's of discernment when it comes to media. I try to do this twice a year with our kids. We'll take a look music or movies and I'll give our kids the tools to make a decision as to whether or not something is healthy or unhealthy for us to allow in to our minds. That's the big thing I push when it comes to media ... is it healthy or unhealthy ... because what we focus our minds on will eventually play out in our lives in some way. So, we took a look at 3 D's:
Discover the theme of the song.
Discern the difference between what the song teaches about life/relationships/etc and what the Bible teaches.
Decide whether or not this is something healthy or unhealthy for me to focus on.

That's pretty much the process I go through and the process I wanted to talk to our kids about. I then provided lyrics to 3 of the top 10 most played songs in America last week (Nothin' on You by B.o.B, Rude Boy by Rihanna, and Your Love is My Drug by Kesha). We listened to the songs and looked at the lyrics and I then gave our kids the opportunity to Discover, Discern, and Decide with each other.

It was a very interactive night for us and seemed to go really well. I believe all of our kids walked out of axis that night with good tools to use when it comes to media.

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